After the latest backup of an FileVault-encrypted SD was made on TimeMachine, I manually moved the its contents to another disk, then reformatted it, again as encrypted volume, and moved the file contents back to the SD from that disk.

  1. How can I browse the contents of that backup to selectively restore some files?

    Currently when I "Enter Time Machine", I get:

    "The folder 'volume-name' can't be opened because you don't have permissions to see its contents".

    And I don't see "ComputerName > Users > username > username.sparsevolume" when browsing the versions in TimeMachine as some sources suggest.

  2. How can I make the reformatted volume incrementally backed up basing on the latest pre-formatting backup TimeMachine stores?

I've read the earlier answer on re-associating the re-formatted volume with its ealier backup. But given it's one-way action per, I'd like to ask for second opinion that it's exactly what I need to address both parts of my question:

The following command [tmutil associatedisk] permanently manipulates the association of your Time Machine disk. Use it only once you understand what this means. You proceed at your own risk.

If so, do I need to associate a single snapshot or all snapshots?

I've never backed up that SD after re-formatting.

MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G65); Macbook Air mid-2011.

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