After upgrade to Mojave, a long press of any letter does bring up the accented character menu but not anymore on the Touch Bar (Mac Book Pro 15-inch, 2018 with US keyboard).

Do you have an idea to to get them back on the touchbar ?

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There is a possible reason why this may be:

You've installed the third-party product Webroot SecureAnywhere.

Webroot SecureAnywhere is made by Webroot Inc. When this software is installed on your Mac using its default settings, you might notice these symptoms:

Text that you dictate doesn't appear as expected. You don't see any accented characters when you hold down a letter key. You can't select items such as emoji in the Touch Bar of your 2016 MacBook Pro.

Follow these steps to fix the issue:

Click the Webroot SecureAnywhere icon in the menu bar. Choose Pause Secure Keyboard Entry.

  • webroot would stop the accent menu from appearing on the screen as well, but hotips says that is still happening. Commented Nov 14, 2018 at 20:43

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