I have Dell 2713h that has been working well with miniDP <-> DP cable with my previous Mac (Early 2013). I got brand new Macbook Pro (2018) with only USB-C ports, got Unitek USB-C <-> DP cable and things went wrong.

The display works fine until I set my mac to sleep or it sleeps by itself. After that when I wake up my mac, only internal LCD panel works, not the external display. It doesn't even react on power button hits unless I unplug it from the mac an plug it again. What's weird it seems that USB ports in the display work fine after wake-up (I have mouse dongle plugged in and it works fine).

Is this possible that the Unitek cable I have is the wrong one? What should I look for when searching for new one?

I've tried plugging the display via USBC <-> HDMI adapter and the issue above doesn't show up, but the display itself doesn't handle HDMI well (poor image quality), that's why I'd prefer having it connected via DP

  • I've had this problem with 2 lg 43ud79's, I've gone through 8 cables, I've reset everything. It occurs on more than one macbook pro. Sometimes it wakes up a monitor but generally not. I have to unplug and plug the monitor back in. Oddly, USB devices plugging into the monitors are conveyed through the USB-C. I've had other wake problems with other monitors as well. I've had to move to HDMI. – LanceH Nov 5 '18 at 21:51

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