I want to attempt to install macOS X Mavericks on a 2015 Macbook Air. This machine originally shipped with Yosemite, so I am aware that I may not have all the necessary drivers. However, I should be able to at least make the installer boot.

As per usual, I created a Mavericks installer USB with the createinstallmedia command, and rebooted my computer with the alt key held down. Immediately after selecting my Install USB, I am greeted with a prohibited ("🚫") symbol.

This same USB installer boots properly on an older, 2012 Macbook Air.

Due to how quickly the prohibited symbol appears—it really does come up the moment I select the installer—I suspect I am running into an Apple-created blockade, rather than an actual hardware incompatibility. How can I circumvent this hardware check?

Alternately, what steps can I take to further troubleshoot the issue? I would like to see some installer logs, but holding down V while selecting the USB installer does not appear to have any affect.

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