In case I restore my phone or change for a brand new.

  • Do you have your iTunes backup encrypted? I know that if it is, it can save things like Health data. – SilverWolf - Reinstate Monica Nov 4 '18 at 16:57

Wi-Fi passwords on iOS are stored in the keychain, which is only part of an iTunes backup if encrypted backups are enabled. If you enable encrypted backups, a future backup of the device using iTunes will contain the Wi-Fi network password. Passwords cannot be added retroactively to backups. Backups to iCloud will always contain the keychain containing the Wi-Fi network password.

Encrypted iTunes backups can include information that unencrypted iTunes backups don't: Wi-Fi settings

About encrypted backups in iTunes - Apple Support

To enable encrypted backups, check the checkbox on the device page in iTunes.

iTunes device page showing Encrypt iPhone backup checkbox

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