Just installed iTerm2 and it asked me change some settings in Security & Privacy of macOS. At the moment I gave "Full Disk Access". Under "Accessibility" I see iTerm2 listed but without the checkbox unchecked.

Shall I give iTerm2 both "Full Disk Access" and "Accessibility" permission? Or shall I revoke any permission?


If you want to access special directories/files such as ~/Library/Application Support/AddressBook or ~/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary, yes you need to give Full Disk Access to iTerm2. If don't, you can not access those directories.

For more information, here is the iTerm2 wiki https://gitlab.com/gnachman/iterm2/wikis/fulldiskaccess

Here is the screenshot when you don't give Full Disk Access to iTerm2.

iTerm2 don't have Full Disk Access


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