Since upgrading to Safari 12, many sites that I could remain logged into for extended periods of time now aggressively log me out, often several times a day. Sometimes it even becomes difficult to successfully log back in again.

Sites where I have this issue include Amazon (both the store and AWS), SE sites, G Suite, Facebook, GitHub, and many other major sites. Typically logging in again requires reentering two-factor authentication, even if this has been disabled for Safari (with "don't ask again", or "trust"). Other sites (e.g., Wikipedia, The Guardian) have no trouble keeping me logged in, even with ad blockers fully enabled.

My Safari privacy settings are:

enter image description here

How do I stay logged in on Safari 12? What's changed or what do I need to change to get the old behavior back?

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    I have dozens of sites where the cookies persist for 14 days or more on Safari 12. portal.office.com and icloud.com and this site are just a few that work well. Would you be willing to edit in a specific site where this fails? Also - list any content blockers as many sites are acting either hostile or punitive to people when they detect you not allowing JS to run crazy on your web browser. Apple is seriously ratcheting down on insecure practices and cross site scripts, so your side question of how to get the old behavior back is basically - load Safari 11. – bmike Nov 3 '18 at 21:56
  • @bmike: Added some examples. Basically it's pretty widespread. I use ABP as a an ad blocker, but on the sites listed I've disabled it, and unchecked "Enable content blockers" for the site in Safari settings. – orome Nov 3 '18 at 22:16
  • Great edits. I’ll try to test in aws and let you know. With that many sites, something’s clearly up that you’re seeing. – bmike Nov 3 '18 at 23:29
  • I have the same issue with some sites and not others. After I upgraded to Mojave Google and YouTube stayed logged-in. I then reset Safari in at attempt to fix other websites, now Google and YouTube also get logged out in five minutes no matter how actively I use them. – Monstieur Nov 5 '18 at 13:11
  • @bmike: Any insights? Safari is basically unusable for me now. 12 seems to be completely broken and in need of an update to address what appears to be a serious bug with cookies. – orome Nov 9 '18 at 0:31

Update: macOS Catalina has resolved the issue for me.

The only workaround as of now is to use Safari Technology Preview. If you delete all Safari folders from your home directory, you can stay logged in to the first few websites you visit. After this initial period, it starts deleting cookies for all future websites.

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