I've noticed within the last week that the commandoptionh keyboard shortcut to Menubar / Chrome / Hide Others has disappeared from the latest version of Google Chrome (70.0.3538.77) on macOS (10.13.6) High Sierra.

Chrome menu

Pressing the shortcut does nothing (it hasn't been remapped to a new command) in Chrome. The shortcut still appears and works in all other native and third-party apps.

Finder menu

Running Disk Util First Aid and rebooting macOS doesn't help. I can workaround by adding a custom shortcut to System Prefs for Chrome or for all apps, by why did this happen, is there a better, more direct fix?

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    same issue for me, I'm disappointed. Looks like an update of Chrome which removes the shortcut – Sylvain Rayé Nov 6 at 10:32

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