In OSX 10.10 there was an option to go to Finder > Empty Trash or Finder > Secure Empty Trash

In OSX 10.11 there now only seems to be an option for Finder > Empty Trash

Any ideas way i can get it back ?


It was deliberately removed by Apple, so can't be renabled. There are work-arounds, eg. using srm on the command-line, or third party secure delete products.

From: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT205267


Available for: Mac OS X v10.6.8 and later

Impact: The "Secure Empty Trash" feature may not securely delete files placed in the Trash

Description: An issue existed in guaranteeing secure deletion of Trash files on some systems, such as those with flash storage. This issue was addressed by removing the "Secure Empty Trash" option.


CVE-2015-5901 : Apple

You could sort of get this functionality back by instead deleting the file via the Terminal with the rm utility's option to overwrite a file before it's reference is deleted from the filesystem.

rm -P filename

"-P Overwrite regular files before deleting them. Files are overwritten three times, first with the byte pattern 0xff, then 0x00, and then 0xff again, before they are deleted"

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