I am a new Mac user and need to install GNU compilers (C and C++) and CMake for the code I am using.

I installed gcc and its binary utilities and CMake via Homebrew with the correct PATH to the executables (/usr/local/bin). However, compiling my code shows error messages regarding a missing linker.

It seems like installing gcc and binutils via Homebrew does not include ld linker. Does anyone know how to manually install ld (via Homebrew preferrably)?

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As explained in this Homebrew Github issue:

GNU binutils's ld does not support Darwin (macOS), and is thus not built [in the Homebrew package]

Use the ld version provided with macOS located at /usr/bin/ld.

  • From a comment here, the easiest way for me to restore the system ld was simply to run. brew unlink binutils.
    – jaybrau
    Commented Aug 9, 2019 at 21:05

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