I do not see the FaceTime option for a contact who has an iPhone. I am quite sure it was there and I used it but then it went away. I am still able to use Siri to make a FaceTime Audio call to this user. The Video icon is not active for this user either. They have allowed FaceTime in their Settings and I am not blocked. The phone icon says iPhone underneath it.

I am running iOS 11.4.1 on an iPhone SE. The contact has an iPhone 6s running iOS 12.0. I have restarted my device but to no avail. I have other contacts where the FaceTime option is available.

Both I and this contact (my wife) are new iPhone purchasers and have not set up an Apple ID yet.

What other information can I provide?

Edit for New Information: I found the following at www.quora.com Predrag Vasic writes (with respect to missing Face Time Icon in iOS 12)

If the person you want to call has an iCloud id associated with the number you want to call, there will be video and audio icons for FaceTime next to that number in that person‚ÄĚs contact card.

The person (my wife) does not yet have and iCloud ID so hopefully when she returns & sets it up I will see a FaceTime icon associated with her #. I can use both Siri and Recent Calls to accomplish the task, I just want to know why the icon is not there.

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