I'm running Macbook Pro 13 inch mid 2012. i5 2.5GHz with 8G memory. Mac OS on the SSD and home path of the user account is at the other HDD. OS: Mojave v10.14 (Just updated. This problem has been there from 10.13 already)


The thing is: one day, the os became tremendously slow. As described in this measure I top -o STATE and find out that there's a lot of stuck processes. (5-6 all the time.) With Activity Monitor, the Memory Used is at around 4.0 GB.

However, when I switched to another account(home path at SSD), everything became just alike the old days. As smooth as it can be. Memory Used at about 2.1 GB. screen shot of top. more then 10 stucked processes here.


Besides the link above(spotlight, mdworker). I stopped all Applications as far as I can do. I am thinking of dealing with why there are always multiple(5-6 as mentioned above) stuck processes. So I googled the reason for stuck such as this. Now running out of keywords to go forward. Also, not sure if it is homed at HDD that caused this problem. It works find accessing the HDD folder from other user accounts. (It worked well homed at the HDD before. Just suddenly have this situation.)

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