I have an app that I wish to sell via iTunes Store. I do not have a website for the app. How can I add privacy policy URL on iTunes Connect?

Can I add a PDF file URL for privacy policy which is hosted on a 3rd party website?

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Yes, you can host the privacy policy on a 3rd party website. This StackOverflow answer addresses your query:

there is no way you can just copy-paste the text, you need to link to a privacy policy on a website for iTunes connect.

I work on a tool called iubenda that fixes this exact problem for app developers and returns a privacy policy url right after the creation of the privacy policy. You might find it useful: iubenda.com

Also, I've written more about the exact process of the addition of privacy policies on iOS and the App Store, this could help you out as well. Hope this helps!


You can provide any URL you like for your privacy policy. Apple can review the link and policy during the review of your application. If it is a problem, they will contact you.

Format is Not Specified

The technical form and format of the privacy policy is not specified in the guidelines; only a link is required:

5.1.1 Data Collection and Storage

(i) Privacy Policies: All apps must include a link to their privacy policy in the App Store Connect metadata field and within the app in an easily accessible manner. The privacy policy must clearly and explicitly: Identify what data, if any, the app/service collects, how it collects that data, and all uses of that data.

I recommend trying and seeing what Apple say or do. If they reject your PDF file URL, then you will know what to fix.

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