I'm new here and I couldn't find anything related to my problem, so if this question is already answered, then I apologize.

I have two partitions running on my late-2011 17-inch MacBook Pro. One partition is running OS X High Sierra (I cannot upgrade to Mojave because they no longer support my MacBook), and my other partition is running Windows 8.1, as stated by the title.

My problem lies with my rEFInd disc.

Whenever I boot up rEFInd and I select my Windows partition, it will not boot. It also will not boot from the default MacBook Pro disk selection either. I cannot boot Windows at all if it is inserted.

For some reason, the CD has two parts: One that's EFI Boot, which is the boot manager, and the other is called Windows, yet when I boot off of either, neither of them boot.

Which one does it keep booting off of, and why is it doing this to me even when I'm not in rEFInd?

If needed, rEFInd is running off of a CD-R.

Thanks! I hope that made sense.

  • Now it's getting worse. When I'm trying to boot up rEFInd, it consistently boots Windows instead of the boot manager. I also decided to upgrade to Windows 10 since then. – JBMagination Nov 6 '18 at 20:51

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