My iPhone SE had difficulty in upgrading to IOS 12.0.1. A visit to my local Apple store solved this problem. Four days later, after turning off the phone for the evening, I turned power on, the Apple symbol appeared, but the software would not complete loading. I tried the hard reset (Power on and home button held simultaneously,) the phone rebooted, and the Apple symbol appeared, but the iPhone hung and would not complete the reboot. I believe I need an appointment again at my local Apple store. I would like your opinion before I call and make an appointment. Thanks so much.


Get your hardware in the hands of a trained technician is the best plan. Asking on an Internet site to go through triage is so fraught with assumption issues / time lag issues. You’ll get more done in 15 minutes with a pro than weeks here in most cases.

This site isn’t a replacement for Apple support for lots of reasons mentioned here:

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