I checked this other question and I have a problem navigating through dialog boxes that is not answered there.

I'm copying + pasting folders and when the dialog "Stop/Replace/Merge" appears I can't navigate with the TAB because the dialog box never gets focus.

If I click on the dialog box then I can tab between the buttons, but that defeats the point of using the keyboard and slows me down (I have several folders to paste in different locations).

Is this a bug? I do have "Full Keyboard Access" turned on. I also checked this question and nothing there helps me. I already updated to Mojave.

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It’s annoying, macOS is generally pretty good with keyboard shortcuts but there are one or two places where it doesn’t work!

I think the dialog does have focus (it’s technically a window and appears ticked in the Window menu, and you can press ⌘M to minimise it) but it just doesn’t allow you to use the keyboard to activate the buttons. Let’s both send feedback to Apple on this.

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