My mac storage has decreased to just 75gb after I deleted Bootcamp. I need to recover this space (45.7gb) and return the computer to the rightful 120gb any help would be much appreciated. enter image description here


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I believe the commands below will return the free space to your "Macintosh HD" volume.

diskutil  resizevolume  disk0s3  650M
diskutil  unmount  disk0s3
diskutil  cs  resizestack  7FA484C3-705F-4C19-B060-659CEB006623  0

To be sure of the 650M value, I would first need to see the output from the command given below.

diskutil  resizevolume  disk0s3  limits

open Disk Utility.app > in toolbar select Partition > click on Partition Button > your missing volume should be on pie-chart as a partition> click on that partition > and look for the - button below the pie-chart. Click on it > apply.

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