I got a brand new MBP 13" ( touchbar ) with Mojave ( updated as first thing when I opened the box ) and I noticed that problem:

When my laptop is on medium load ( some webpages with flash ) , my Magic Mouse is lagging; when I'm on heavy load ( Android Studio building ), my Magic Mouse freezes for some secs ( 10~60 ) and sometimes even disconnect ~10sec before start working again. If I keep moving my mouse during the building, looks like it keep working flawlessly 🤔

I tryed on 2 different Magic Mouse and also tryed an SMC reset. I don't have any problem with my Logitech Anyware Mx and I also noticed that if I connect 2 Magic Mouse simultaneously, the first one suffers much less the problem, while the second one suffers much more. So, for work good, I should connect 2 Magic Mouse and just use the one that works better 😅😅😅

Have you got some suggestions? Thanks.

  • Why? I just said my Logitech is working good, while I have problems with Magic Mouse 😅😅😅 – 4face Oct 24 '18 at 22:20

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