Installed nmap from https://nmap.org/download.html to check it out, got bored, moved the app name: zenmap to trash and emptied it. However, if I run the nmap command in terminal, it still works...


The nmap installer from https://nmap.org/download.html installs

  • the application /Applications/Zenmap.app
  • some binaries in /usr/local/bin
  • support files in other directories within /usr/local

To remove, run

sudo rm -r /Applications/Zenmap.app
sudo rm /usr/local/bin/{ncat,ndiff,nmap,nmap-update,nping}
sudo rm /usr/local/share/man/*/man1/nmap.1
sudo rm /usr/local/share/man/man1/{ncat,ndiff,nping,nmap-update}.1
sudo rm -r /usr/local/share/{nmap,ncat}

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