I have a Mac Pro 5,1 2012 and just installed an AMD RX580 GPU. The sound doesn't go through the HDMI so I have to plug into the headphone outlet on the front of the computer (and can't use the speakers on my monitor).

This post says HDMI doesn't work on non-native GPUs and suggests reading this. I have Mojave installed and would like some advice on what's the easiest way to get HDMI setup. Looks like there are several ways. I'd prefer the easiest and least complicated/invasive method. Has anyone tried this?


HDMI Audio doesn't work in Mojave even with supported Hardware. My box is a MacPro 5,1 with an Nvidia GTX680. HDMI audio worked flawlessly under High Sierra. Not at all under Mojave.

I am part of the Beta test group and complained of this loss 6 months PRIOR to the Mojave release. Still nothing as of today 11/30/18.

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