With the kind assistance of X11 Quartz background app I have an X11 app Dia diagramming tool running.

enter image description here

It is enticing to see those mnemonics apparently (?) available to use. I have a serious beef with macOS for not helping those of us who are keyboardists to have an option to work in that manner.

So, is it possible to access those mnemonics? I have tried various combinations of Option, Control, Control + Option, with/without Command plus the given letter.

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I just noticed a related question on this site:

How can I get the Alt key to work in an X11 application?

enter image description here It will take some time to try this out .. will report back in couple of days.


Yes, you need to create and source an .Xmodmap, and there are a few other preferences/things you need to change or clear too.

See https://gist.github.com/dreeve/845301 for a good modern example.

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