I was using Safari a couple of days ago, when I got a pop-up window:

Tornit wants to control Safari and access your documents and passwords. Do you allow it?

I clicked No.

Tornit is a process I can find in the activity monitor. I’ve generated a log. It’s too long to post, so here’s a Pastebin:

Analysis of „Tornit"

There’s absolutely no information about this process in the web. I’d like to know whether I can let Tornit access Safari or not, and how to cancel my blockade of the process, if it is harmless.

I use BitTorrent from time to time, and I thought the name Tornit could be derived from Torrent.

– masOS Mojave


Tornit seems to be located in ~/Library/UpdateMac, which one normally associates with where MacKeeper likes to hide its more shady tools. MacKeeper itself is a potentially unwanted program that one usually associates with malware-like behaviour and is something I would never want on a computer. Run a Malwarebytes scan to completely remove this application.

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