On iOS 12, the App Store contains a "Today" tab, showing curated apps:

enter image description here

Some days ago, they showed a beautiful game, that I would love to download.

Unfortunately, I cannot find it anymore, since I found no way of getting to the "Today" tab of past days.

My question:

Is it possible to show the content of the iOS 12 "Today" tab of previous days?


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The maximum you can look back for is 7 days. There is a website called Sensor Tower which lets you see up to 365 days but it requires a subscription.

Alternatively, for some stories, you can tap on the Share Story button shown at bottom, copy the link and send it to yourself. However, this approach is highly manual, would have required following it since the day App Store redesign was publicly launched. Also, it is not possible to do so if you want to start out today as the older feed entries can no longer be accessed


Seeing as that iirc that part of iOS's app store is a WebKit based thing, probably not. Though you may look under top charts under free as it may be on the top charts list. (Your mileage may vary this is based on my iPhone 4s which is running 7.1.2)

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