For some strange reason, when I rotate a PDF using the trackpad (Two finger multi-touch rotation gesture.), there's no option to save it and all changes are lost after I close it.

(The save button is grayed out.)

What am I doing wrong?


... Never mind. Apparently rotating using the trackpad of a PDF in Preview is just for cosmetic purposes. You have to rotate using +L or +R or within the Apple-bar menu. Only after that, the save option will be available. :|


  • that is certainly strange... glad you figured it out and posted the answer so others won't have to get frustrated if they encounter this issue :P – Robert S Ciaccio Oct 22 '10 at 15:32

Like you said, using + L and +R seems to modify the PDF in place.

But if you use the rotation gesture on the trackpad, and use Save As, it will save the PDF with the pages rotated.

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