I use iTunes just to back up my daughter's iPhone. I do not want to give it my Apple ID. When I start the program, I get a whack-a-mole series of popups. I have to click "cancel" many, many times before I can do anything with the program. The number of times seems to increase with every OS update.

How do I stop this? Clicking "cancel" once would be tolerable. Dozens of times? That's ridiculous.


This is not a complete answer, but it does help.

In Preferences, disable any options that require access to the internet. That includes: General > Grid view download badges and untick General > Automatically retrieve CD track names from the internet; all options in Downloads and Store; and untick Advanced > Automatically delete watched movies and TV shows.

After disabling all of these, the number of times the popup appears may fall from dozens and dozens to just 3.

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