my Finder is not able to connect to ANY smb-share. It doesn't matter, if the network-folder

  • is on linux (SAMBA 4.1.17)
  • is on OSX (10.11.6)
  • is on Windowsserver
  • is public for everyone or in a ADS

It simply stops in the Finder with "Couldn't connect"

In the terminal you see the following

$ ping server
PING server ( 56 data bytes
64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=64 time=1.017 ms
$ mount_smbfs  //johndoe@server/johndoe test
mount_smbfs: server connection failed: No such file or directory

on a Debian-VM on the same macbookpro following command works perfectly

$ mount.cifs -o username=johndoe //server/johndoe test

In the logs is nothing, despite having kloglevel=15 in /etc/nsmb.conf and i have already tried 'configureLocalKDC' to reset the krb5.keytab

So i disabled System Integrity Protection and made a dtruss for the first command.

dtruss -cf mount_smbfs  //johndoe@server/johndoe test >& mount.log

mount.log has 2050 open-calls for the /dev/nsmb..

15734/0x1b2bd3:  open("/dev/nsmb\0", 0x2, 0x5F719DF8)            = -1 Err#2
15734/0x1b2bd3:  open("/dev/nsmb0\0", 0x2, 0xFFFFFFFFE84BC430)           = -1 Err#6
.... 2050times ...
15734/0x1b2bd3:  open("/dev/nsmb3fd\0", 0x2, 0xFFFFFFFFE84BC820)                 = -1 Err#2
15734/0x1b2bd3:  open("/dev/nsmb3fe\0", 0x2, 0xFFFFFFFFE84BC820)                 = -1 Err#2
15734/0x1b2bd3:  open("/dev/nsmb3ff\0", 0x2, 0xFFFFFFFFE84BC820)                 = -1 Err#2

/dev/nsmb0 exists .. the other ones not. smbfs-module is loaded

$ kextstat | grep smb
  184    0 0xffffff7f8700b000 0x63000    0x63000    com.apple.filesystems.smbfs (3.2.3) 8BD2FFC5-F081-3B29-B2AB-BEF58E24BAAD 

Has anyone hints, what I could do? I already tried mb_neg=smb3_only, protocol_vers_map and so on


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Oh my god..

it appears to be a problem with a 3rd party kext

see Mac mini can't connect to my corporate SMB server. Was working some days ago

WTF apple. Fix your damn Error messages.

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