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Add characters to the press and hold character picker in OS X Lion

I’m slightly disappointed by Lion’s iOS inspired feature to show a selection of accented characters on key hold.

On a German keyboard, when pressing a, I am able to choose between ä, â, à, á, æ, ã, å, ā. So far so nice.

However, I feel some characters are missing. There is no ç (although I could type this one using option+c), no ğ and no ł either. On the other hand the letter ń is shown (which like ł is more or less only used in Polish) but to which OS X does not show an upper case version. shift+n yields no results.

Is there some way to enhance and expand this set of letters with own additions?

  • This isn't an answer per se, but in the System Preferences under International and then the Input Menu you can have the OS display a menubar menu called "Character Palette". The Character Palette shows all the characters available, allows you to insert them, and allows you to build lists of favorites. – David Rouse Dec 16 '11 at 21:59
  • Again, an inconsistent behavior.... I don't get how the developers could forget to implement access to ç by holding the c-key. Good question! – gentmatt Jan 16 '12 at 10:00

This problem has been solved recently elsewhere in the forum:

How to add characters to the press and hold character picker in OS X Lion?

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