When accessing a host machine using Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) that has a bigger screen that the client machine, is it possible to scale the clients view so that their remote desktop window is actual size for their computer ?

EG. if the host has a 24" display, but the client has a 13" laptop display ARD would scale the view on the client machine, so that it would look like the host machine also had a 13" display.

Microsoft remote desktop on OSX dose a similar thing and ive found it really useful. I think the way it achieves this is only by locking the host screen so that it can rescale the view on the host.


View menu > Fit in Window, or the indicated icon on the appropriate remote screen

enter image description here

Then you can make the window any size you like & the contents will always fit.
This is done client-side so the host's desktop is not re-distributed at random, similar to how Microsoft's Mac version of RDC does it.

Just for fun... this is how small it will go

enter image description here

  • Thanks @Tetsujin , i think Mircosofts RDC dose it slightly differently in that it will actually scale the a version of the hosts desktop for the client. I think it only dose this though if you a making a remote desktop connection and essentially running the host headless, rather than a screen share type connection like you do on ARD – sam Oct 12 '18 at 17:35
  • tbh, I'm not exactly certain how it does it, but I know I can simply resize the Mac's 'window' containing the remote PC & I see the same effect [if not quite so precisely anti-aliased]. You do have MS RDC v10 I hope, not the ancient v8? Their latest offering is a country mile ahead of anything they ever did before. See the Apple App Store, search 'remote desktop' - one does not auto-update to the other, they are 'different products'. – Tetsujin Oct 12 '18 at 17:43
  • im using v10. Ive created a little video (see below) of how the screen resizing works in MRD, notice that when i change the MRD session window the icons all get resized to a "usable size" even when i make the window really small. streamable.com/1epwe – sam Jan 13 at 12:54

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