I'm trying to figure out a way to connect iPhone 5 (lightning) to ASUS MB16AC portable monitor with USB type-C input as only connector that at the same time serves as power supply. Thought about some scenarios. Could you check if any of these can work or provide some tips that could send me the right direction? Thanx in advance

  1. AV adapter lightning to HDMI > HDMI cable to USB-C with power supply Problem is that the HDMI cable would have to send signal from HDMI to USB-C. Most of cables on market work the other way round. I'm not sure if it's possible to DIY such a cable? see connection diagram

  2. Lightning > USB-C cable I recon this can't work without a dedicated app on iPhone that would send video and power over the cable towards the monitor. How difficult would it be to write such an app?

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