I noticed that my MBP early 2015 with Sierra OS X drained a battery quite a lot overnight. I did some research and my pmset settings are like this:

My pmset -g settings:

Here is a screenshot of pmset -g log | grep standby for a time period from last evening to this morning. As visible, there is a lot of strange activity going on throughout the night. Notice those exactly 2-hour intervals from 20:19 (when I closed the lid and went to bed) through 6:19. This would imply that the macbook tries to hibernate but fails, and tries again in another 2 hours (because standbydelay is set to 2 hours).

pmset -g log

Can anyone tell me what is going on there? I suppose if the mac was in a proper hibernation, it should not show any activity during it.

Thanks for any help.

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