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I want to merge the empty container disk3 to existing container disk2. How can I do it?


I think disk is both partitioned and has container inside partition Container disk2, which is in use. And second partition Container disk 3, which was created probably by accident:

Partition vs Add volume

So press Partition button when hard disk is selected (ST1000LM..) and choose Partition. Then select unused partition and click [-] (minus) sign.

Then select the main partition and increase its size to max:

Partition disk

Click apply and you are done.

  • i dont have points to upvote Arunas's answer but i couldnt pass without saying thanks. Really thanks mate – Ateş Danış Apr 10 at 21:59
  • Pleasure to help :) welcome! – Arunas Bartisius Apr 11 at 12:46

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