I have a number of short movies that were created in imovie 9 which sit in movies/imovie projects in the form of rcprojects. A number of these were not completed and I cannot complete them because some of the media is no longer associated. Some of the completed videos were only saved in small mobile size and I would like to be able to go back and save them in a larger format.

When I do a search my hard drive I can find the media source files but I don't know how to re associate it or where it should all sit. I am using High Sierra and have both "imovie" and imovie 9 applications.

In the movies file I have imovie library (which I cannot open), imovie theatre, imovie projects (containing the rcprojects). When I look at the package contents for an rc file I can see the completed movie but there isn't a project folder. There is only a "project" text edit.app.

I would like to know how to repair and save the projects that have missing media and which imovie version to use with which operating system.

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