How do I free up space on iCloud when I have already deleted many photos and turned off iCloud photos but not "my photo stream"?

I want to be able to back up my iPhone with the iCloud but there are so many pictures taking up space in iCloud it won't back up now.

I have already downloaded all my cell phone pics to my computer; So I don't need the iCloud to back up pictures.

Please help.

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To remove Photos (Photo Library) from iCloud backup:

  • Please open Settings/ your name iCloud
  • Open Storage/Manage Storage
  • Open Backups (iOS12) / select the backup for your iPhone
  • Switch off the Photo Library - this will exclude the Photo Library from the backup (you can do it while backup in progress)
  • Tap Turn Off & Delete (if already exists)

Pay for a larger iCloud storage tier.


$2.99 per month gets you 200GB of free space in iCloud. This should be more than enough space to back up your photos and other items.

It's worth it to pay a small amount of money for another form of off-site backup.

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