I wanted to upgrade macOS High Sierra to Mojave but installation failed with this error:

File system verify or repair failed.

Using Recovery Mode I tried First Aid from Disk Utility and it failed again with the following details:

Checking the object map.

error: omap entry (oid 0x13e319): invalid ov_paddr (2251799814186955)

Object map is invalid.

The volume /dev/disk0s2 could not be verified completely.

File system check exit code is 8.

Restoring the original state found as mounted.

File system verify or repair failed.

Operation failed.

After that I tried fsck -fy command from single-user mode but that didn't work and the result was the same.

I can't clean install my macbook right now. Is there any other way to fix the problem? maybe by fixing the object map somehow or by using any other third party tool?

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