Apple has removed, among many other things, DHCP serving and NetBoot Serving from their 'server' app in conjunction with the new OS. This won't affect 99.5% of people but I'm in the minority. I fix Macs for a living and have been using Netbooting for 10 years as my faster, better version of booting a customers Mac off a USB utility disk. I use NetInstall images too for installing the OS but I primarily use Diskless NetBoot images to diagnose and repair disk problems. I run this on my laptop, plug into someone's network, and BAM. Or what is more often the case, on wifi-only networks, I just plug in directly mac to mac and use DHCP service also running on my laptop.

Well both services are gone. DHCP is easy enough to replace I'm sure, but NetBoot serving doesn't seem as straight forward. I did some googling but only found solutions that support NetInstall, and not diskless-NetBoot images. I need the latter more than anything.

I know Apple may be working towards killing NetBooting entirely, but it's not dead yet. And I tend to work on older computers more than new, so I still need NetBoot for years to come. I am currently playing around with running 10.11 in a virtual machine on my laptop. But that's not an ideal solution, i'd rather run a direct, native server.

BSDPy does not support diskless netbooting, so that option won't work. I was eyeing DeployStudio but its not clear if that app IS it's own NetBoot server, or if it just works with Apple's NetBoot server?


What about a netSUS server?


Just a thought, but I've run one and it works great

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  • Do you know if this software supports Diskless NetBoot images? – l008com Oct 7 '18 at 3:06

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