I have a Mac running High Sierra, version 10.13.6. When running MacPorts I get the following error message that I should update my Xcode installation:

Error: The installed version of Xcode (8.3.1) is too old to use on the installed OS version. Version 9.3 or later is recommended on Mac OS X 10.13.

Running xcodebuild -version confirms this:

Xcode 8.3.1

Build version 8E1000a

But when I launch App Store I can't find any updates.

Has anyone an idea how I can update Xcode including command line utilities?

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You probably just install the current version from the MAS.


The command line utilities are included within the Xcode bundle. On first launch symlinks to the utilities are installed into the system so they can be accessed from the Terminal/command line.

There is also a separate Command Line Tools package available from the Developer Account download archive (needs an Apple Developer Account).



I found this answer on Stack Overflow helpful. If I launch App Store.app and it doesn't list Xcode under my available Updates, instead I search for Xcode, I click on the search result, and it shows a large, blue Update button in the upper-right corner to click.

In this screenshot, the Update button has been replaced by the circular progress indicator (I'm awaiting the download to finish).


  • App Store Version 3.0 (1004.6.21)
  • macOS Catalina Version 10.15.4 (19E287)

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