I'm trying to copy my code from Sublime Text 3 into my Word document in RTF format with colors in tact by using this plugin:


The instructions say:

Sublime Text 3 users: a python3 branch is also available. Just git checkout python3 from the root of your package installation to use in in ST3. If you upgrade from a previous ST2 installation or encounter problems with the package, please proceed as detailed below:

  • Remove the package, if installed, using Package Control.
  • Add a repository: https://github.com/n1k0/SublimeHighlight/tree/python3
  • Install SublimeHighlight with Package Control. It should pull the correct branch from Github.
  • Restart Sublime Text 3

Well...I'm a noob when it comes to all the stuff it's describing. I went to /Applications/Sublime\ Text.app/MacOS and ran git checkout python3 but got fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git. I think I need to install git? Or Python3? I'm not sure exactly where to start or even if this git stuff is worth Googling, as I'm not even sure if I'm running the command in the correct directory or even if the plugin indeed is compatible with MacOS (even though their screenshots of using the plugin on Sublime Text 2 are in MacOS on the GitHub ReadMe...)

I would greatly appreciate some guidance

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I found the answer in another post: https://stackoverflow.com/a/39432069/3511695

  1. Install Package Control inside sublime text 3. If you don't know how, follow this link here
  2. Open the Sublime Command Pallette by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+P on Windows and ⌘⇧P on Mac

  3. Type "Add Repository", and press enter or return

Then paste this link https://github.com/n1k0/SublimeHighlight/tree/python3 [and press enter]

  1. Press CTRL+SHIFT+P on Windows and ⌘⇧P on Mac again and type "Install package" and press enter or return

  2. Type "Sublime highlight" and press enter to install the plugin

  3. Restart your Sublime

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