I print with an HP Laserjet p1102w. When printing onto cardstock the toner is normally not fully melted on and smudges easily. I found on my PC that setting the printer to print a heavier paper than I was using, say 130lbs when I was printing on 100lbs, would slow down the printing speed giving the toner more time to melt to the paper. This way the ink would no longer smudge after printing.

When printing from my Mac (using the same printer) however I cannot find any option to slow the printing down enough to effectively bind the toner to the paper. How can I slow down the printing in order to avoid smudging?

  • We don't have this particular printer, but other HP printers on our network have the option to choose a Media Type in the Finishing option. One of the media types in that list is Cardstock 176-220g. – IconDaemon Sep 27 '18 at 13:05

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