I want to do a Time Machine backup and it's not the first time I do it in this external hard drive, so Time Machine is doing the "preparing backup" step since a few minutes. As it's been quite long I haven't back up, I know this step will take a while.

However I have no idea how far is this step, is it 5% ? or is it nearly done and 95% ?

enter image description here

How to know how long remaining ?

enter image description here

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    From what I have seen preparing backup depends heavily on how long it has been since your last backup and how many files have changed. I would suggest you get it going before you go to bed and walk away from it. It CAN take a substantial time for first time backups, long time since I backed up and backups with lots of changes – Steve Chambers Sep 26 '18 at 18:56
  • I'd reboot the machine & have another look. Sometimes I find it's enough to 'jog its elbow' & make it make up its mind. – Tetsujin Sep 26 '18 at 18:57

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