With the new Shortcuts app introduced in iOS 12, you can create a Shortcut that sends a message to a specific WhatsApp contact.

When you choose that option, the Shortcut will open the WhatsApp Application and your text will be put into the input field.

What I want: I want that the WhatsApp application stays closed. And I don't get any feedback. It should just send a specific message to a recipient.

Workaround: If you use Siri to send a specific message to one recipient over and over again, this specific action will show up as a suggestion in the Apple Shortcut app. When you use that as an action, the Message will be sent, without any feedback. That's exactly what I want, the only catch is that I have to train Siri to actually suggest the things I want to send and additionally I can't send Emojis that way.

Q: Is there a better way to send WhatsApp messages with the iOS Shortcuts app, without ever having to open the WhatsApp app and/or pressing a button?

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