I have restored a MBP timemachine backup to a new MBP. On my older machine I have enabled FileVault.

The restoration was long. It took about almost 12 hours to transfer 500Gb of data.

In the new unit I have experienced a few problem (e.g. unable to install VirtualBox )

When I checked FileValut setting in 'Security & Privacy', I can see it is turned off.

enter image description here

When I tried to turn it on, I got this dialog box

enter image description here

and then this dialog box appears:

enter image description here

A 'Meraki Management' profile is installed on this MBP.


After some investigation, the problem has something to do with nix, which I have installed on my old MBP.

To make FileVault work again, I have to remove all the nix users and nix user group.

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