I am running High Sierra and a PCIe AHCI SSD and the latest version of Parallels Desktop 14 running Windows 10. My SSD benchmarks at around 1,060MB/s read and 800MB/s write on the Mac. However, in Windows running in Parallels, I'm getting about 500 MB/s read and around 400 MB/s write.

The Mac it is running on is a 12 core Mac Pro with 64 GB of RAM, of which I have allocated 6 cores (12 virtual cores) and 24GB of RAM.

I'd expect some loss in performance due to running in a VM, but not 50% less.

I've disabled Antivirus and it helped improve overall performance a little bit, but didn't change the benchmarks.

Are there steps I can take to increase disk read and write performance in Parallels?

  • Just running a benchmark from your Mac, the I/O only needs to run through macOS and onto your SSD. With the VM, it needs to run through Windows, through the VM, through macOS, and then to the SSD. – At0mic Sep 26 '18 at 4:08

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