I am currently using the macOS/iCloud Keychain as my main password manger, and have been for ~20 years. It's of course great with Safari and iOS apps, but not ideal when using multiple browsers, an Android phone, a Windows PC and other devices.

Is there a password manager that ALSO syncs any password it manages with the macOS keychain?

I am thinking of a natural migration from Keychain to a cross-platform, cross-browser solution, over a couple of months.

  • NOTE: There are a couple of existing questions specific to Chrome integration and to migration/export to another cloud-based password manager. This is not helping in my case. – Gabriel R. Sep 24 '18 at 11:18
  • I don't think Apple write Keychain to work on Android or Windows... – Solar Mike Sep 24 '18 at 11:27
  • @SolarMike Of course, then Keychain Access would be the password manager I am looking for. – Gabriel R. Sep 24 '18 at 15:22

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