I love listening to podcasts (also frequently) when going to bed, so what happens rather often is that I fall asleep say 10 minutes into a 1-hour podcast. It's then inconvenient next day to remember, track down the title in its show's "Previously Played" folder (in Apple's podcast app), and reactivate it for another listening session. Perhaps some future version of the app will be able to detect when a person has fallen asleep and stop the playback (plus rewind a bit) accordingly. Now that would be nice ...

This makes me wonder whether sleep detection already works reliably on an iPhone? Does this require special hardware sensors in practice, or do solutions based on analyzing device movements (or perhaps sound -- not my preferred option) with an iPhone's built-in sensors also work?

I think I have tried an app which analyzed movement quite a while ago but found it lacking at the time.

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    If you enable the Bedtime feature of the built-in Clock app, it'll do basic sleep tracking. However, I believe it determines when you're sleeping by watching for phone pickups during your bedtime hours (whatever you set them to). If you're playing a podcast, it'll consider that as "in use," whether or not you're actually awake (as far as I know). – daGUY Sep 21 '18 at 2:26

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