I recently viewed an image from Imgur on Google Chrome for Mac. The image is no longer available, and I would like to fish it out of my cache. chrome://cache no longer works. Looking through the files in my library/cache/google folder, I see that the files have no extension and are relatively new.

Doesn't Chrome keep image cache for at least 30 days? If so, how do I access it? Is there a viewer where I can see which files are images?


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Both chrome://cache and chrome://view-http-cache have been removed starting chrome 66.

You can find them in


All you Chrome activity is saved here chrome://chrome-urls/. I just visited Imgur to test and open a image and found this in the chrome://history/.

When you click on it it opens it:

enter image description here

It supposedly keeps the history for 90 Days, but have not tested that.

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