I'm trying to build a shortcut that will show me a list of my ad-hoc non-recurring calendar events to help remind me what I've achieved when preparing quarterly reviews.

I can use Find Calendar Events Where to restrict to an appropriate calendar and time window but how can I identify the recurring ones and filter those out?

As a fall back I thought about maintaining a meeting subjects to blacklist but how do I implement that in Shortcuts?


Currently it is not possible to check wether calendar events are recurring or not.
Therefore the only way to implement this is by checking for duplicate event-titles.

To implement this, you first have to create a list of all calendar events. Now you have to check for every event-title how often it appears in this list. In the end you can add every title that only appears once to a separate list.

Now you should have a list of everything you achieved (only the non-recurring events).

  • You have to keep in mind, that this could lead to a problem if you have non-recurring events with the same title. They would also be removed from the list. – npkllr Sep 20 '18 at 13:01

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