I just found out from Apple techs that the clock alarm is supposed to stop all activities, such as making recordings, playing apps, etc. when the alarm goes off. I've had important recordings (work audio recordings, and my daughter playing music during a show, for example) get borked just because I forgot to turn off a not-so-important alarm.

Anyway, does anyone have a good recommendation for a replacement clock/alarm clock app that is basic and has customizable and non-intrusive settings for the notifications/alarms?

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    @fsb In my post I described how the alarms were stopping recordings. That's intrusive into another app I'm using. It's stopping the app. Not good. I have been trying out the Reminders app which does not stop my recordings, but is simplistic in sound choice (only one for all). My search continues...
    – Debbitage
    Sep 20, 2018 at 23:10

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I got this issue recently (just moved to Apple world). I agree: this is so frustrating for photographers and videographers. I don't know a solution (that's why I am Googling it, and here) but, I just came up with this hypothesis: Shortcuts - create a new Shortcut > Automation that when you open the Camera app, it will Add a new Alarm. This is ridiculous but, at least, when I open the camera (now), I can cancel from Adding a new Alarm and quickly glance at the ones already set up. I was trying to Disable All Alarms but that is not an option. Maybe someone could program it.

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