I'm trying to use an Abnt2 keyboard on my Macbook Pro 13, Early 2015, and I'm having some problems.

It's a Multilaser Metal War TC185: suporte.multilaser.com.br/downloads/detalhe/TC185 (I'm using this same keyboard on a linux computer without problems.)

I added the Brazilian keyboard Abnt2, as can be seen in the image below: enter image description here

The keys were all identified, no problem at this point.

However, when I start typing, the letters are repeating themselves. For example: if I try to type "apple" at a normal speed it is coming out as "appppllle".

Given this problem, I tried to disable the Key repeat option and also increase the delay, but did not solve anything: enter image description here

And the last problem are the shortcuts. The equivalent of Command + Tab, which should be Alt + Tab does not work, as well as other shortcuts with Control key or select files with shift for example.

What do I need to do to use an Abnt2 keyboard with my macbook?

enter image description here


I just got a new keyboard and it works.
So the problem was my multilaser keyboard that apparently has some issues with apple :/

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