I am currently in China. I wish to buy the new iPhone XS here. However, I heard that Apple has lock one SIM card slot for Chinese SIM cards only.

If it's real, this purchase is useless because I intend to use two American SIM cards once I come back from China. Can I use two non Chinese SIM cards with a Chinese iPhone XS?

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Actually, provided you go for the option where you don't have to choose a carrier, your new iPhone will be unlocked (speaking from experience).

I just bought one from Hong Kong and I am using both my Chinese (since I am in Mainland China) and one from back home (on roaming) and they both work well.


To notice: the Chinese XS do not have the physical dual nano-SIM card feature nor the e-SIM inside ... only the XS MAX and the yet to be released XR got it.

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