everytime i click the chrome shortcut the same chrome page opens how do i change the focus to open another page i have minimized? It's annoying to minimize a page, then a moment later clicking chrome and another page showing up instead of the one i was working with.

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Go to System Preferences → Mission Control → Hot Corners... and activate Application Windows hot corner in the corner of your choice.

Now bring the Chrome window to front, move the mouse cursor to the corner that you assigned to Application Windows. You should be able to see the minimized Chrome window.

Click on the minimized window to maximize and bring it to front.

As mentioned by @Allen, an easier approach to achieve the same would be to Control + click, long click on the Chrome icon in Dock and select the desired minimized window from the list.

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    Pressing F3 or right clicking on the Chrome icon and selecting the minimized window are two options that would be easier and less complex. – Allan Sep 14 at 12:23
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